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Luxury Condo with Private Pool at the St. Regis Chicago Sells for $20.56 Million!!

According to the Wall Street Jorunal, a 5 bedroom condo unit in the new St. Regis Downtown Chicago with a private outdoor pool has sold for $20.56 million, the highest 2022 price!

Lakeshore East is a planned development in the heart of downtown Chicago bordered by the Chicago River to the North, Lake Michigan to the East, Millennium Park to the South and Michigan Avenue to the West. Lakeshore East, formerly known as the New East Side, is a hidden gem in Chicago and most Chicagoans don't even know about it.

The Lakeshore East Park sits in the center of the community acting as a gathering place for residents to relax and get to know their neighbors and creates a real sense of community. Everything you need on a daily basis is within walking distance and the lake views are spectacular! Being downtown next to Millennium Park and the Chicago Riverwalk, there is no shortage of entertainment options.

Contact top Real Estate Agent, Jovanka Novakovic, to find your new home in the Lakeshore East neighborhood of Chicago at 312.961.4478.

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